Math Upper Division Part I, Spring 2008

Math 104 (Real Analysis)
Section 1: D Hill, MWF 9-10, 71 Evans
No Info Given
Texts: None listed yet.

Section 2: Jan Riemann, TuTh 330-5, 2 Evans
Average GPA: 2.77, 32% A, 32% B, 23% C, 6% D, 6% F
“New teacher, didin’t know how hard to teach class, eventually he made it easier. However, he is not very clear and does not explain in depth about how to formulate proofs. Part of the problem is the large amount of material, and scarce class time and his english is not very good…he is a new teacher and gave us very hard homeworks and mid-term at the beginning of the semester. but the difficulity of works change to much more normal now. His explanation is good and clear. you can learn a lot and know how to think about math if you pay attention in his class.”
Texts: Real Mathematical Analysis

Section 3: E Gasparim, MWF 3-4, 75 Evans
No info given.
Texts: Principles of Mathematical Analysis

Section 4: Dagan Karp, TuTh 11-1230, 71 Evans
“Dagan is an awesome dude. A clear lecturer, and pretty much the most laid back professor I’ve ever encountered. Only complaint: class may have been a little too easy. What follows in the field of analysis isn’t as neat and tidy as it happens in Ross, the text the Dage chose. But that’s a fault of the text–Dagan is still totally groovy.”
Texts: Elementary Analysis

Math 110 (Linear Algebra)
Section 1: Maria Ratner, MWF 10-11, 3 Evans
Average GPA in upper div: 1.81, 15% A, 11% B, 41% C, 7% D, 26% F
“She’s the harshest grader ever…no curves. It would be really hard to get an A in her class. But her lectures are awesome…Incredible teacher. She knows the material extremely well. Her lectures are crystal clear and memorized (she uses no notes!). She is very nice and approachable at office hours…She holds students to a high standard, but her lectures are so perfect that a textbook is barely necessary. I probably could have gotten a better grade with a different professor, but I definitely would not have learned nearly as much as I did!”
Texts: Linear Algebra and Its Applications

Section 2: M Aldi, TuTh 930-11, 87 Evans
“Excellent professor. Very clear with his lectures, very good handwriting. He makes sure that you understand everything, and is extremely helpful during office hours. Tests are fair, and reflect the material well.”
Texts: Linear Algebra (4th Edition)

Section 3: M Velasco, TuTh 8-930, 71 Evans
No info given.
Texts: Linear Algebra Done Right

Section 4: John Krueger, MWF 3-4, 71 Evans
Average GPA: 2.51, 27% A, 31% B, 20% C, 12% D, 10% F
“Teacher never showed any enthusiasm. Never asked for class participation, nor showed any interest in if student were understanding. He talks to the chalkboard from the second you walk in, until after the class is over, never changing his plan if students are struggling…Unresponsive, unhelpful most of the time. I think this is mainly becuase he is a new professor, he seemed extremeley tense/nervous while lecturing. Midsemester he reprimanded students for not ‘participating’ yet he seemed annoyed when anyone asked a question.”
Texts: Linear Algebra (4th Edition)

Section 5: Lek-Hang Lim, TuTh 330-5, 75 Evans
“I attempted this course last semester with a different professor and could not understand the course! This is my second attempt at Math 110 and this new Professor Lim is EXCELLENT! I am actually understanding this stuff because Prof.Lim is very clear & thorough, & lecture notes are “perfect”. I would definitely recommend taking Math 110 with Lim.”
Texts: Linear Algebra (4th Edition)

Math 113 (Intro to Abstract Algebra)
Section 1: Shamgar Gurevitch, TuTh 330-5, 71 Evans
Average GPA: 3.79, 79% A, 21% B
No ratings. However, I did grade for him, so I can personally attest he’s very generous with late homework and make-up tests. If you want a professor who holds your hand through this class, this is your dude.
Texts: Algebra

Section 2: C Mok, MWF 3-4, 2 Evans
No info given.
Texts: A First Course in Abstract Algebra, Seventh Edition

Section 3: Arthur Ogus, MWF 1-2, 75 Evans
Average GPA: 2.48, 24% A, 42% B, 12% C, 4% D, 19% F
” He is definitely very very very very hard. For me anyway. But yes, he is one of the nicest and most helpful professors in OH, too bad i found that out kind of late in the semester….He’s an excellent lecturer who is thorough and challenges his students….very hard and unhelpful. Leaves you on your own. I have to retake the class!!!”
Texts: Abstract Algebra

Section 4: Marius Wodzicki, TuTh 930-11, 71 Evans
Avg GPA: 2.53, 24% A, 36% B, 24% C, 16% F
“This professor must never be allowed to teach mathematics again. His obsession with math history really detracts from his teaching…He was a great teacher and cared a great deal about the student’s understanding. His tests were very fair if the homework was done for understanding. He was easy to access and talk to in office hours…”My name is Wodzicki, please do not mispell it! Welcome to Math 113. [blah blah blah blah blah]””
Texts: A First Course in Abstract Algebra, Seventh Edition

Math H113 (Intro to Abstract Algebra)
Alexandre Givental, TuTh 930-11, 85 Evans
Average GPA: 1.89, 6% A, 22% B, 28% C, 40% D, 0% F
“Seems to prefer vague analogies to proof; homework is rarely applicable to tests; difficulty of class varies from day to day; bad board etiquette. Not interested in group theory, which makes him an unusual choice for 113…If you want a professor who is impossible to understand, who goes straight out of the book so you have no other sources of information, at the end you will spend hours in your GSI’s office hours trying together trying to decipher what he was talking about. Oh yeah and the class is not curved, have fun…Avoid at all costs!”
Texts: Topics in Algebra

Math 185 (Complex Analysis)
Section 1: Martin Olbermann, MWF 3-4, 4 Evans
No info given.
Texts: Notes on Complex Function Theory

Section 2: Paul Vojta, MWF 10-11, 71 Evans
Average GPA in upper div: 31% A, 19% B, 35% C, 8% D, 8% F
“Office hours consist of a student asking a question, followed by a 5-second silence, followed by at most five words spoken by Vojta, followed by more awkward silence, and finally repeat (number of repititions depend on how many students are present)…Out of touch with undergrad students. Terrible at answering questions. If he’s your only choice…well, you can wait a semester… Told us that material wouldn’t be on a test, then put it on said test.”
Text: Complex Variables and Applications

Section 3: M Velasco TuTh 1230-2, 71 Evans
No info given.
Text: Complex Analysis

Math H185 (Complex Analysis)
W Kahan, MWF 9-10, 5 Evans
Average GPA: 1.91, 18% A, 18% B, 27% C, 9% D, 27% F
“This teacher doesn’t care who’s in his class. He will teach nobody if nobody there is bright enough to do his scary problems. He doesn’t teach at all. He just tells everybody to read ahead and then uses class time to talk about things that are above everyones head. Everybody failed the first midterm and he said ‘he was disappointed’ in the class.”
Text: TBA


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