Engineering Lower Div, Spring 2008

Chemistry 4A, General Chemistry and Quantitative Analysis
Luciano Moretto, MWF 10-11, 100 Lewis
“He’s a fun teacher, but he gets easily sidetracked with silly pointless analogies. His midterm and portion of the final was tough, but if you studied (I didn’t…) you can manage a good grade…don’t know if it was just his section (acids and bases) of the class or him, but i thought that out of the three professors, he explained his material the best. he did deviate from the book and expected students to use his methods and equations on the test but by going to class and paying attention you can learn a lot and do well on the exams.”
Text: N/A

Civil Engineering 11, Engineered Systems and Sustainability

Arpad Horvath, MWF 10-11, 502 Davis
“The homeworks were never explained well, and I did pretty bad, but there are many opportunities to overcome that problem (I didn’t opt to go for them). Nonetheless, if you are somewhat dedicated to doing well in the class, you will do well…Great professor! One of my favorites at Berkeley. He spends a lot of time on his students and gives them lots of attention. He gives great guidance and gives fair homework and exams…You have to love this guy!”
Text: Introduction to Engineering and the Environment

Civil Engineering 60 (Structure and Properties of CE Materials) & 140 (Failure Mechanisms in CE Materials)
Claudia Ostertag, TuTh 11-12, 502 Davis & TuTh 1230-2, 406 Davis
“Best instructor I had at Cal. Tests are difficult, lectures are detailed. Nothing tricky about the class, but you are expected to know what you are talking about (can’t bullcrap your way through).”
Text: From bookstore

Civil Engineering 70, Engineering Geology
N Sitar, TuTh 1230-2, 502 Davis
Ratings N/A
Text: Understanding Earth
Engineering 7, Intro to Computer Programming for Scientists
Section 1: Alexandre Bayen, MW 12-1, 100 Lewis
“Professor Bayen is one of the most enthusiastic professors I have had the pleasure of taking a class with. As I meet more and more faculty in his area of research, one thing I constantly hear is how bright he is, and I totally agree. He has a great presentation style and a sense of humor that will keep lectures interesting.”

Section 2: Tad Patzek, MW 1-2, 100 GPB
“He expects too much though and can mistakenly find something to be easy. It would be better for him to stay in the real world and not teach…he has a lot of difficulty explaining an idea in laymans terms and ends up just technobabbling about the math, which makes no sense. I stopped going to lecture as it just made things worse. His online reader is confusing as well and goes too much into the math theory rather than the relevance to programming….DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS WITH PATZEK!!! YOU WILL REGRET IT FOREVER AND EVER!!! AND EVER!!! HEED THIS WARNING LEST YOU ROT IN ETERNAL DAMNATION!!!”

Engineering 10, Engineering Design and Analysis
Sections 1, 2, 4: No info
Section 3: Raymond Seed, MWF 10-11, 145 McCone
” Talks fast, odd mannerisms, thinks alot of himself. Khaki pants blue shirt, navy/red tie – everyday. Has an overly inflated opinion of himself and engineering as THE only important major on earth. Way to eager to have you think he is a good guy. Pompus. Tough teacher, know his stuff though, but a jerk.”
Text: Concepts in Engineering

Engineering 24, “Time, Money, Love in the Age of Technology”

Americ Azevedo, M 1-2, 45 Evans
” He seems like he’s straight out of the 60’s. Very whimsical man and very interesting to listen to. Take this class if you’re into philosophy… I came away from it with a new outlook on life…An amazing, thought provoking, inspired man. He cares about his students. Take this class and go to his office hours. You won’t regret it.”
Texts: None.

Engineering 28, Basic Engineering Design Graphics

Sarah McMains, MW 3-4, 60 Evans
“In lecture, she simplifies the material too much, like she’s teaching to little kids. You don’t realize it’s a problem until you start the homework, and you’re like ‘how the eff do you do this.’ Would not recommend…DAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNN!!!!! She is a hotty. She kinda looks like Dobby (from Harry Potter) though…Darth McMains. Homeworks took way too long. Did not inform us on how to do required material, extremely long midterms. All around poor teacher. Take it with any other professor. She is also extremely stingy when it comes to any kind of grading.”
Text: Visualization, Modeling, And Graphics For Engineering

Engineering 36, Engineering Mechanics I
Shaofan Li, MW 1-2, 4 LeConte
“Funny guy. His lectures were usually pretty clear, but he has horrible chalkboard-management. Gave away many hints for homework sets and sometimes tests (as a sort of reward for those who attended lecture). Overall, decent experience. I’d recommend…This guy is frickin crazy “Who said dat!” By far the best mechanics teacher. This guy will fill up the board about 50 times in a half an hour, don’t worry if you don’t understand no one does. Shaofan works it up there sure to be covered in sw”
Texts: Vector Mechanics for Engineers

Engineering 39B, Intro to Computational Engineering Science
John Verboncoeur, Tu 330-5, 203 Wheeler
“One of my all time favorite Professors. Is willing to help with homeworks and projects. Grasps the interest of students…great teacher, makes subject very interesting. His lectures are kinda unorganized, and he doesn’t follow the book so you need to attend.”
Text: None

Engineering 45, Properties of Materials
R Ramesh, MWF 12-1, 10 Evans
“Very good professor! He didn’t write the exams…the head GSI did most of it. Tests weren’t too bad either. Very easy to get a B…need to work a little harder for the A… This guy came from Maryland… therefore he’s very helpful and actually cares about students. Several times he taught class on Saturdays to make sure we understand! Very concerned for your learning and very approachable…Ramesh is just simply not consistent enough – his lectures are often very pointless and he is not good at explaining the concepts we are learning. As previous people have said, he just goes through the book – but is isn’t helpful because you end up with a lot of material that he hasn’t at all synthesized, making midterms seem random.”
Text: Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers


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