Civil Engineering, Spring 2008

Civil Engineering C30, Intro to Solid Mechanics
Jacob Lubliner, MWF 9-10, 101 Barker
“He is too old to teach, really bad and can’t teach… NO NO NO”

Civil Engineering 92, Intro to Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jamie Rector, W 12-1, 534 Davis
“Rector’s ok, not too riveting, although you might need to pay a little attention towards the end of the semester… Very friendly professor. Tries to be helpful and is. Tests are reasonable and sometimes on the easy side. Fun class, but challenging Labs. As long as you do your labs well, you will do well in the class as a whole.”
Text: None

Civil Engineering 93 (Engineering Data Analysis)
Armen Der Kiureghian, TuTh 9-10, 3108 Etcheverry
“I hated this class. When I sought help from the professor, he chastised me on how I needed to study harder for the test instead of actually helping me….Terrible, he is vague, cryptic, and stern. Be prepared do learn all the material on your own. His monotone puts me to sleep. I had the same experience of being chastised for not putting in enough effort when i went for extra help, but i did get the sense he really cared that i pass the class. But that is no consolation, he is real bad- good luck.”
Text: Probability Concepts in Engineering

Civil Engineering 107, Climate Change Mitigation
William Nazaroff, MWF 9-10, 110 Barrows
“Professor was very clear. He was able to anticipate most students questions and he gives clear examples in class and develops intuitive understanding in most of his students. Most people in the class that I talked to agreed…He gives very good introduction to topics to really motivate things. The exams are all very valid to test your knowledge about the subjects. Do expect to put real work into the class though because his class is not very easy. Highly recommended professor…Amazing professor. He really knows his material. It makes me want to continue in this field. I highly recommend his courses.”
Text: None

Civil Engineering C116, Environmental Aqueous Geochemistry
Garrison Sposito, TuTh 11-1230, 219 Dwinelle
” The smartest man I know…Excellent professor. Very passionate about the subject and full of interesting information. Very friendly and approachable. This class was the bright spot in my otherwise awful schedule…Dazzling intellect and a concern for students not often seen at Cal.”
Text: Soil and Water Chemistry

Civil Engineering 120, Structural Enginering
J Moehle, MW 8-9, 502 Davis
“Very helpful during office hours, class notes are useful and a good mix of new research and fundamental material…He is well-organized with really good and usefull class-notes. His class is never boring…extremely hard professor but forces you to learn the subject. Everything uses the ACI Code as reference, since he was one of the people who wrote the building code.”
Text: Fundamentals of Structural Analysis

Civil Engineering 121, Advanced Structural Analysis
Filip Filippou, MWF 10-11, 60 Evans
“It is obvious that Professor Filippou is in love with himself. CE 121 was one of the most useless classes I took at Berkeley. I should be eligible for a full refund…”Professor Filippou is a master of making easy concepts difficult to understand. ” Amen to that…The class is hard but he is always very helpful during office hours, and really cares about the students’ learning.”
Text: None

Civil Engineering 130, Mechanics of Materials I
Shaofan Li, MWF 11-12, 106 Stanley
“Professor Li is very clear during lectures, and is very straightforward about the course. He’s also a very nice guy… I love his analogies (Comparing Beam Stability to a person with someone with Schizophrenia)…Uses the same tests year after year. Does some homework problems for you in class. Not a hard class. He is hard to understand and moves quickly. If you have to take CE130 it is a must to take Li.”
Text: Engineering Mechanics of Solids (2nd Edition)

Civil Engineering C133, Engineering Analysis w/ Finite Element Method
Tarek Zohdi, TuTh 1230-2, 3108 Etcheverry
“Going into this class, I thought I was going to hate it. Zohdi turned out to be a great professor. Very clear explanations, very clear expectations of students, no regular homework sets, interesting lectures and real world examples. Easily one of the best professors I’ve had at Cal…Zohdi is easily the BEST professor I’ve ever had in Berkeley. Crystal clear explanations, repeats everything to the point you have no choice but understand it. Excellent board use…Awesome professor. There is no way you can dislike this guy.”
Text: None

Civil Engineering 140 (Failure Mechanisms in CE Materials)
Claudia Ostertag, TuTh 11-12, 502 Davis & TuTh 1230-2, 406 Davis
“Best instructor I had at Cal. Tests are difficult, lectures are detailed. Nothing tricky about the class, but you are expected to know what you are talking about (can’t bullcrap your way through).”
Text: None.

Civil Engineering C154, Intro to Urban and Regional Transportation Planning
Karen Frick, MW 11-1230, 112 Wurster
“Loved this class! So extremely easy and she was always so nice about it. If you have questions, she’ll help you in a second and she genuinely tries to get to know everyone. Don’t buy the book or the reader, just study from the slides…LOVE THE CLASS! Prof. Frick is super nice and helpful during office hour, if you are cee major, make sure you take this class with her. exams are fair and not hard. Study her powerpoint presentation before the exams, they help a lot.”
Text: None

Civil Engineering 165, Concrete Materials and Construction
Paulo Monteiro, TuTh 8-930, 502 Davis
“About the only professor in the department with personality. Awesome professor…great personality. his lectures always never stay on track, usually talking about something else for 1/3 of the time. very excited about concrete and homework/exams very fair.. very easy class, not a lot of work is required just show up and pay attention during lecture.”
Text: Concrete

Civil Engineering 167, Engineering Project Management
Iris Tommelein, TuTh 11-1230, 3108 Etcheverry
“Professor Tommelein is a great professor, she is one of the few within CE that cares about teaching and about her students. Very helpful in office hours and willing to take extra time to help the students.”
Texts: Construction Contracting, Project Management


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