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Civil Engineering, Spring 2008

December 26, 2007

Civil Engineering C30, Intro to Solid Mechanics
Jacob Lubliner, MWF 9-10, 101 Barker
“He is too old to teach, really bad and can’t teach… NO NO NO”

Civil Engineering 92, Intro to Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jamie Rector, W 12-1, 534 Davis
“Rector’s ok, not too riveting, although you might need to pay a little attention towards the end of the semester… Very friendly professor. Tries to be helpful and is. Tests are reasonable and sometimes on the easy side. Fun class, but challenging Labs. As long as you do your labs well, you will do well in the class as a whole.”
Text: None



Engineering Lower Div, Spring 2008

December 25, 2007

Chemistry 4A, General Chemistry and Quantitative Analysis
Luciano Moretto, MWF 10-11, 100 Lewis
“He’s a fun teacher, but he gets easily sidetracked with silly pointless analogies. His midterm and portion of the final was tough, but if you studied (I didn’t…) you can manage a good grade…don’t know if it was just his section (acids and bases) of the class or him, but i thought that out of the three professors, he explained his material the best. he did deviate from the book and expected students to use his methods and equations on the test but by going to class and paying attention you can learn a lot and do well on the exams.”
Text: N/A

Civil Engineering 11, Engineered Systems and Sustainability

Arpad Horvath, MWF 10-11, 502 Davis
“The homeworks were never explained well, and I did pretty bad, but there are many opportunities to overcome that problem (I didn’t opt to go for them). Nonetheless, if you are somewhat dedicated to doing well in the class, you will do well…Great professor! One of my favorites at Berkeley. He spends a lot of time on his students and gives them lots of attention. He gives great guidance and gives fair homework and exams…You have to love this guy!”
Text: Introduction to Engineering and the Environment

Civil Engineering 60 (Structure and Properties of CE Materials) & 140 (Failure Mechanisms in CE Materials)
Claudia Ostertag, TuTh 11-12, 502 Davis & TuTh 1230-2, 406 Davis
“Best instructor I had at Cal. Tests are difficult, lectures are detailed. Nothing tricky about the class, but you are expected to know what you are talking about (can’t bullcrap your way through).”
Text: From bookstore (more…)

EECS Lower Division, Spring 2008

December 24, 2007

CS 3L, Intro to Symbolic Programming
Nate Titterton, M 4-5, 390 Hearst Mining
“This guy was great. Clear explanations, humorous, and did helpful example problems in lecture. Exams are hard but the grading scale is very generous (mean = 3.4, as opposed to 2.7 in 61ABC). Once you’ve finished CS 61ABC (as I have) you’ll realise that CS3 was a cake walk, and Prof. Titterton is one of the better profs in the department…Not a particularly interesting lecturer, although the lectures are actually unnecessary, so do not worry about it. If you have prior computer experience, take this class only if you want an easy A or do not have the time to devote to CS61A. Either way, make sure to read the book, as it is a good introduction to CS…Nate’s a great guy, and he really made CS feel less analytical/tedious/etc. and more dynamic/creative/humorous. He’s also really funny.”
Text: Simply Scheme – 2nd Edition

CS 39J, The Art and Science of Photography
Brian Barsky, Fri 12-2, 405 Soda
“Man was this an awkward class. Barsky himself seems like a pretty righteous dude, and the class had its good moments, but not as many as I had hoped. It wasn’t miserable, but I wouldn’t recommend it per se…very cool prof and class he’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic…”
Optional texts: Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) 7.0 Studio Techniques, Basic Photographic Materials and Processes, Photography: Revised Edition, A Short Course in Photography, Photoshop CS2 Bible, Photography, Perception and Imaging

CS 39K, Information Technology Goes to War!
Randy Katz, W 4-6 310 Soda
“His presentation style was fairly boring, basically he read from PP slides all day in a slightly monotonous voice…Absolutely riveting! Great Project too!..Great lecturer!”
Texts: None.