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Civil Engineering, Spring 2008

December 26, 2007

Civil Engineering C30, Intro to Solid Mechanics
Jacob Lubliner, MWF 9-10, 101 Barker
“He is too old to teach, really bad and can’t teach… NO NO NO”

Civil Engineering 92, Intro to Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jamie Rector, W 12-1, 534 Davis
“Rector’s ok, not too riveting, although you might need to pay a little attention towards the end of the semester… Very friendly professor. Tries to be helpful and is. Tests are reasonable and sometimes on the easy side. Fun class, but challenging Labs. As long as you do your labs well, you will do well in the class as a whole.”
Text: None


Engineering Lower Div, Spring 2008

December 25, 2007

Chemistry 4A, General Chemistry and Quantitative Analysis
Luciano Moretto, MWF 10-11, 100 Lewis
“He’s a fun teacher, but he gets easily sidetracked with silly pointless analogies. His midterm and portion of the final was tough, but if you studied (I didn’t…) you can manage a good grade…don’t know if it was just his section (acids and bases) of the class or him, but i thought that out of the three professors, he explained his material the best. he did deviate from the book and expected students to use his methods and equations on the test but by going to class and paying attention you can learn a lot and do well on the exams.”
Text: N/A

Civil Engineering 11, Engineered Systems and Sustainability

Arpad Horvath, MWF 10-11, 502 Davis
“The homeworks were never explained well, and I did pretty bad, but there are many opportunities to overcome that problem (I didn’t opt to go for them). Nonetheless, if you are somewhat dedicated to doing well in the class, you will do well…Great professor! One of my favorites at Berkeley. He spends a lot of time on his students and gives them lots of attention. He gives great guidance and gives fair homework and exams…You have to love this guy!”
Text: Introduction to Engineering and the Environment

Civil Engineering 60 (Structure and Properties of CE Materials) & 140 (Failure Mechanisms in CE Materials)
Claudia Ostertag, TuTh 11-12, 502 Davis & TuTh 1230-2, 406 Davis
“Best instructor I had at Cal. Tests are difficult, lectures are detailed. Nothing tricky about the class, but you are expected to know what you are talking about (can’t bullcrap your way through).”
Text: From bookstore (more…)

EECS Lower Division, Spring 2008

December 24, 2007

CS 3L, Intro to Symbolic Programming
Nate Titterton, M 4-5, 390 Hearst Mining
“This guy was great. Clear explanations, humorous, and did helpful example problems in lecture. Exams are hard but the grading scale is very generous (mean = 3.4, as opposed to 2.7 in 61ABC). Once you’ve finished CS 61ABC (as I have) you’ll realise that CS3 was a cake walk, and Prof. Titterton is one of the better profs in the department…Not a particularly interesting lecturer, although the lectures are actually unnecessary, so do not worry about it. If you have prior computer experience, take this class only if you want an easy A or do not have the time to devote to CS61A. Either way, make sure to read the book, as it is a good introduction to CS…Nate’s a great guy, and he really made CS feel less analytical/tedious/etc. and more dynamic/creative/humorous. He’s also really funny.”
Text: Simply Scheme – 2nd Edition

CS 39J, The Art and Science of Photography
Brian Barsky, Fri 12-2, 405 Soda
“Man was this an awkward class. Barsky himself seems like a pretty righteous dude, and the class had its good moments, but not as many as I had hoped. It wasn’t miserable, but I wouldn’t recommend it per se…very cool prof and class he’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic…”
Optional texts: Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) 7.0 Studio Techniques, Basic Photographic Materials and Processes, Photography: Revised Edition, A Short Course in Photography, Photoshop CS2 Bible, Photography, Perception and Imaging

CS 39K, Information Technology Goes to War!
Randy Katz, W 4-6 310 Soda
“His presentation style was fairly boring, basically he read from PP slides all day in a slightly monotonous voice…Absolutely riveting! Great Project too!..Great lecturer!”
Texts: None.

Physics Upper Division, Spring 2008

December 22, 2007

Physics 100, Communicating Physics and Physical Science
Roger Falcone, F 130-330, 150 LHS
“I thought that he was a pretty good lecturer. Most peopel thoguth he was super easy because they took physics in high school, and never went to lecture. He sometimes goes into tangents, but overall, his tests are fair, gives tons of partial credit, and as long as you try to keep up in class, you’ll be able to do well in the class…Professor Falcone is pretty boring. But he totally has fake hands. Seriously. And grades easy…has a passion for physics and his demos are interesting. Tangents sometimes and loses concentration a bit, but overall he’s a great lecturer. His tests are pretty hard tho, but he gives tons of partial credit and his grading scale is excellent. makes physics fun and interesting.”
Text: Redundancy of Courage, the

Physics 105, Analytic Mechanics
Edgar Knobloch, MWF 8-9, 3 Evans
Avg GPA: 2.88, 35% A, 40% B, 9% C, 9% D, 7% F
No reviews.

Beate Heinemann TuTh 8-930, 9 Lewis
No reviews.
Texts: Classical Mechanics

Physics 110A, Electromagnetism and Optics
Mike Crommie, TuTh 930-11, 3 Evans
Avg GPA: 3.0, 33% A, B, C respectively
“He does not do a good job of choosing text books, or homework assignments, usually lectures are written at 2 am the night before the class. Nice guy, and helpful in office hours, but boardwork needs to improve.”
Texts: Introduction to Electrodynamics

Physics 110B, Electromagnetism and Optics
Mark Strovink, MWF 10-11, 180 Tan
Avg GPA: 3.26, 45% A, 43% B, 8% C, 4% F
“Does his job well, perhaps the best in the department. the most efficient in conveying knowledge. If he is teaching a classand you have the option of taking it, do so. However, do not take the class lightly. Grades to 7:8:5, meaning A(+0-);B(+0-);C,D,F…He prepares for lectures in ahead, and his HWs would surely lead students to understanding the materials he teaches. I was impressed his HWs more than his lecture although his lecture is very well organized with neat writings on a blackboard. By the way, you would not use the Optics book much, so you do not have to buy it if you don’t want it…Easily the best professor of my undergraduate career. Go talk to him in OH; he has plenty of entertaining (and usually applicable) stories. Very difficult conceptually, but you are trying to actually learn something, aren’t you?”
Texts: Introduction to Electrodynamics, Introduction to Optics

Physics 111, Modern Physics and Advanced Electrical Lab
Section 1: Joel Fajans, MTWTF 1-5, 286 LeConte
“He’s extremely arrogant, and very rarily in the lab. Thinks you’re an idiot. Will be happy to talk about his MIT education, but in reality i’m not very impressed with him.”
Texts: The Art of Electronics, Microelectronic Circuits: includes CD-ROM

Section 2: William Holzapfel & Yury Kolomensky, MTWTF 1-5, 283 LeConte
Holzapfel: “Very enthusiastic. Explains very good. Lecture’s are very organized and are a big help with the lab reports.”
Kolomensky: “Simply Amazing. He will go out of his way to help you.”
Texts: Experiments in Modern Physics, Second Edition, An Introduction to Error Analysis

Physics 112, Intro to Stat and Thermal Physics
Section 1: X Huang, MWF 8-9, 220 Wheeler
Avg GPA: 3.42; 50% A, 42% B, 8% C
No reviews.
Section 2: John Clarke, TuTh 8-930, 180 Tan
“Very nice guy and explains clearly to detail, his midterms were at about the same level as the homework so they were actually doable and they make you feel good about physics… but his final was unspeakably hard, feel like I could have a different evaluation because of the final…He is very clear and his lecture notes are very helpful. His tests are about the same as the homework level. A very insightful and fair professor.”
Avg GPA for upper-div: 34% A, 43% B, 16% C, 3% D & F each
Text: Thermal Physics (2nd Edition)

Physics 132, Contemporary Physics
Melvin Pomerantz, TuTh 930-11, 35 Evans
Avg GPA: 37% A, 36% B, 26% C, 1% F
“He is truly one of the most caring professors I’ve ever met at Cal. His class definitely emphasizes understanding the concepts rather than just knowing how to do problems. Focus on his powerpoint notes and he explains things very well in office hours. Overall, he is a wonderful old man – very genuine and kind…Perhaps the best professor I’ve had at Berkeley. The tests are not very hard. He puts half application problems, and half book problems on the test. As a person, he is an extremely caring and kind person. He truly cares about his students. If you’re going to take his class, I highly recommend getting to know him. He’s awesome!”
Text: Modern Physics

Physics 137A, Quantum Mechanics
Both sections: L Hall, MWF 9-10, 180 Tan; TuTh 930-11, 70 Evans
Average GPA: 39% A, 33% B, 26% C, 2% D
“He is fair and a great lecturer. Homeworks were very demanding each week, often 10-15 hours of work for a problem set. Tests were pretty hard. Overall a cool professor…He was an excellent professor in quantum mechanics; very clear, showed interest, and encouraged students to ask questions. There was never a dull moment in his class. He can be demanding; the final exam was the hardest test I’ve taken at Cal yet…He was an excellent professor in quantum mechanics; very clear, showed interest, and encouraged students to ask questions. There was never a dull moment in his class. He can be demanding; the final exam was the hardest test I’ve taken at Cal yet…An amazing lecturer. Heavily encourages questions during lecture and answers them as much as possible (within the time constraint). His exams can be difficult.”
Text: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition)

Physics 137B, Quantum Mechanics
Section 1: Richard Marrus, MWF 9-10, 70 Evans
Average GPA: 59% A, 29% B, 10% C, 2% F
“Amazing lecturer; rigorous presentation that is never vague or evasive. He is always accurate with things and he’s nice and funny. (His stories are some of the funniest I had ever heard.) Midterms and final were challenging, but at the same time very doable and very fair. It simply entailed much independent studying…He was a decent teacher, but if you asked a good question, his response during class was usually “you don’t want to ask that”…Marrus is a nice old guy, he curves generously. He does have trouble answering questions in a manner that is easy to understand, and in understanding the questions from the students. Mostly he has trouble coming down to the level of the students…”
Text: Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition)

Section 2: Charles Wohl, TuTh 930-11, 9 Lewis
Average GPA in 137B: 2.9; 36% A, 36% B, 18% C, 3% D, 8% F
“Overall, good professor and decent lecturer. It is sometimes difficult to follow what point he is trying to make, but he makes a good effort to address every student’s questions. Also, he wrote AWESOME lecture notes for this class – it helped a lot to read them beforehand, and then go to lecture for reinforcement…Wohl=”ALEGEBRA MONKEY”…I took Wohl in the summer. The class was fast paced but Wohl demystifies some of the math and concepts. He also had some entertaining lectures. I would take him again.”
Text: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition), Schaum’s Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables

Physics 139, Special and General Relativity
D English, TuTh 2-330, 385 LeConte
No ratings.
Text: Gravity: An Introduction to Einstein’s General Relativity

Physics 141A, Solid State Physics
Ivo Souza, TuTh 8-930, 2 Evans
Avg GPA: 3.62, 67% A, 29% B, 5% C
“Even though I came in with an excited attitude to take this class, Prof. Souza made it a nightmare. In my opinion, it is excusable for a prof. to be mediocre as long as he tries. This guy doesn’t care AT ALL about students, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he really doesn’t care about physics…His lectures are bad regurgitations of an already bad textbook, really no point in attending (not to mention he cant even answer questions). He often tries to be a hardline professor, but he comes off as being mean (ex. won’t let you miss a homework even if you have a good reason). All told, a very bad experience (he’s not even a very nice guy).”
Text: Introduction to Solid State Physics

Physics 141B, Solid State Physics
Joseph Orenstein, MWF 11-12, 385 LeConte
Avg GPA: 55% A, 33% B, 9% C
No ratings.
Texts: Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics: Volume 1

Physics C161, Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology
Adrian Lee, MWF 3-4, 88 Dwinelle
Average GPA: 3.22, 40% A, 43% B, 16% C, 1% D
“Overall a pretty good professor. his lectures are clear and well organized. he’s really nice in office hours, and exams are hard but fair…extremely friendly and enthusiastic, very approachable, challenging but fair tests, sometimes not great at explaining more difficult material, but overall an awesome professor…Like a big, warm, cuddly, physics teaching teddy bear. Entertaining classes, though reading the book is very important to follow him through some of the harder materials.”
Texts: Introduction to Cosmology, High Energy Astrophysics: Volume 2, Stars, the Galaxy and the Interstellar Medium

Physics 177, Principles of Molecular Biophysics
C Bustamante, TuTh 8-930, 70 Evans
Avg GPA: 3.08, 44% A, 40% B, 4% C, 4% D, 8% F
No ratings.
Texts: Molecular Biophysics: Structures in Motion

Astronomy/Physics, Lower Div

December 22, 2007

Astronomy 7B, Intro to Astrophysics
Joshua Bloom, TuTh 2-330, 9 Evans
Avg GPA: 3.36, 47% A, 42% B, 11% C
“I took this class just for the hell of it and I thought Professor Bloom was a great professor- very clear, entertaining and the class was fair. The tests were not too hard, but you were allowed a notecard. I would definitely take another class with him again, if I wasn’t majoring in something other than astro…A really wonderful and enthusiastic professor. The midterms and final are fairly easy. There are weekly problem sets, all very helpful. Easy to do well, and a great lecturer.”
Text: Introduction to Modern Astrophysics

Astronomy 24, Space, Time, and the Cosmos
Alex Filippenko, Th 1-3, 544 Campbell (One of the best teachers in Berkeley, of course)
Texts: A Briefer History of Time, The Fabric of the Cosmos Required, What Your Astronomy Textbook Won’t Tell You Recommended

Astronomy 39, “Life in the Universe?”

Marc Davis, Tu 230-4, 544 Campbell
“REALLY nice, very smart & experienced… but has had a stroke, so his handwriting is very hard to read, and his lecturing is completely disorganized, makes frequent mistakes, goes off on tangents, & the midterms are badly worded/confusing. read the book & go to discussions and you should be fine. he’ll explain anything if you take the time to ask….Davis is a very nice guy, and you know he likes and loves what he does, but as a teacher who is responsible for upper level education he lacks in clarity, structure, and fails to present the material in an interesting yet alone comprehensible manner. I LOVED astro. b4 this class, but not nemore. Lots of useless homework/reading.”
Text: Rare Earth, What Your Astronomy Textbook Won’t Tell You Recommended

Physics 7A, Physics for Scientists and Engineers
Steven Boggs, MWF 11-12, 1 LeConte
Average GPA in 7A: 2.92, 29% A, 40% B, 27% C, 2% D & F each
“Great lecturer, very clear and neat. Tests range from straightforward to very difficult, but if you are comfortable with the math (multivariable calculus, differential equations) most of the material will make conceptual sense, even if some of the questions do not. A very good professor…Very boring lectures, but that’s physics. Does his best to make the material interesting. Some of the demos are cool. With the exception of the first midterm, tests are hard. The class is heavily curved so it is possible to do far less than stellar and still secure at least an A-. Do not take this class at 8 AM…The first midterm was easy enough (mean in the 80s), the second was killer (mean in the 40s). My advice is to work on understanding concepts at a deep level, and focus primarily on the hardest problems in the book. Better screw up in the comfort of your own home than on your final. Boggs is great, and if you’re not, at least he curves!” (more…)

Pre-Meds Pre-Reqs, Spring 2008

December 22, 2007

Biology 1A, General Bio Lecture
Mark Schlissel, MWF 8-9, 1 Pimentel
“Just an average lecturer, nice professor though. Don’t like his powerpoint presentations. Lectures can be quite boring sometimes…Exams are difficult though, just looking at his slides won’t cut it – you’ll have to listen to his lectures carefully and really understand the material, as well as know a whole lot to do well on his tricky questions…He is extremely helpful in office hours in answering questions. He is also very clear on emphasizing what is important for the exams…would advise future students to take your own notes for his section though, because his lecture slides are next to useless when you’re studying.”

Texts: Biology, Study Guide for Biology, Investigating Biology Lab Manual

Biology 1AL, General Bio Lab
Michael Meighan, M 5-630, 1 Pimentel
“Truth to be told. I do not recommend taking this class if you are pre-med so AP out of it if you can. However, if you really want to learn something BUT DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE GRADE then by all means take this class…He explains things well and covers an enormous amount of material in a short perid of time. His tests are extremely difficult. GO TO OH and WATCH HIS REVIEW!..Mike, although a generally nice man, prides himself of writing “difficult”, but useless tests. His lectures up to the first midterm were somewhat satisfactory, but were quite poor for the second half of the course…

Texts: Biology, Study Guide for Biology, Investigating Biology Lab Manual

Biology 1B, General Biology
L.J. Feldman, MWF 8-9, 2050 VLSB
“Feldman is a wonderful teacher with a committment to undergraduates. He genuinely cares about students and learning the material. Go talk to him during office hours, and you might actually start to like plants…I LOVE PLANTS. tricky midterm with only 32 questions (miss two answers and you cant get an A), but all very reasonable questions. he is totally accessible and visits all the lab sections…If you go to lectures/watch the webcasts and take notes you can get an A without touching the book. Wants students to understand concepts, so he asks a lot of hypothetical questions on midterms…He writes everything down clearly and you just need to memorize what he writes. Test seems easy but when you get it back you may find that you made a few mistakes.”
Texts: Biology


Math Upper Division Part II, Spring 2008

December 21, 2007

Math 105 (Second Course in Analysis)
Maria Ratner, MWF 10-11, 85 Evans
Average GPA in upper div: 1.81, 15% A, 11% B, 41% C, 7% D, 26% F
“She’s the harshest grader ever…no curves. It would be really hard to get an A in her class. But her lectures are awesome…Incredible teacher. She knows the material extremely well. Her lectures are crystal clear and memorized (she uses no notes!). She is very nice and approachable at office hours…She holds students to a high standard, but her lectures are so perfect that a textbook is barely necessary. I probably could have gotten a better grade with a different professor, but I definitely would not have learned nearly as much as I did!”
Texts: Principles of Mathematical Analysis, Real Analysis (3rd Edition)

Math 114 (Second Course in Abstract Algebra)
Martin Olbermann, MWF 1-2, 71 Evans
No info given.
Text: Reader at Copy Central

Math 121A (Mathematical Tools for the Physical Sciences)
Shamgar Gurevitch, TuTh 1230-2, 75 Evans
Average GPA: 3.34, 62% A, 20% B, 11% C, 3% D, 3% F
No ratings. However, I did grade for him (for this class), so I can personally attest he’s very generous with late homework and make-up tests. If you want a professor who holds your hand through this class, this is your dude.
Text: Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences


Math Upper Division Part I, Spring 2008

December 21, 2007

Math 104 (Real Analysis)
Section 1: D Hill, MWF 9-10, 71 Evans
No Info Given
Texts: None listed yet.

Section 2: Jan Riemann, TuTh 330-5, 2 Evans
Average GPA: 2.77, 32% A, 32% B, 23% C, 6% D, 6% F
“New teacher, didin’t know how hard to teach class, eventually he made it easier. However, he is not very clear and does not explain in depth about how to formulate proofs. Part of the problem is the large amount of material, and scarce class time and his english is not very good…he is a new teacher and gave us very hard homeworks and mid-term at the beginning of the semester. but the difficulity of works change to much more normal now. His explanation is good and clear. you can learn a lot and know how to think about math if you pay attention in his class.”
Texts: Real Mathematical Analysis

Section 3: E Gasparim, MWF 3-4, 75 Evans
No info given.
Texts: Principles of Mathematical Analysis

Section 4: Dagan Karp, TuTh 11-1230, 71 Evans
“Dagan is an awesome dude. A clear lecturer, and pretty much the most laid back professor I’ve ever encountered. Only complaint: class may have been a little too easy. What follows in the field of analysis isn’t as neat and tidy as it happens in Ross, the text the Dage chose. But that’s a fault of the text–Dagan is still totally groovy.”
Texts: Elementary Analysis


Freshmen Seminars (Food for Thought), Spring 2008

December 21, 2007

Your professors get to eat with you! I guess this is Berkeley’s idea of a free lunch.

Astronomy 24, Space, Time, and the Cosmos; Alex Filippenko, Th 1-3, 544 Campbell (One of the best teachers in Berkeley, of course)
Texts: A Briefer History of Time, The Fabric of the Cosmos Required, What Your Astronomy Textbook Won’t Tell You Recommended

Classics 24, Indiana Jones…The Archeology of Mythology; Kim Shelton, W 9-10, 202 Wheeler
“Freshman seminar about myths of archeology. She runs sites in Nemea and Mycenae so really interesting to talk about what archeology is really like. Assignments due every week usu writing responses about different readings but able to do them w/o reading. Just talk in class and you’ll be fine”
Text: Archaeology Essentials

Computer Science 39J, The Art and Science of Photography: Drawing With Light
Brian Barsky, Fri 12-2, 405 Soda
“Man was this an awkward class. Barsky himself seems like a pretty righteous dude, and the class had its good moments, but not as many as I had hoped. It wasn’t miserable, but I wouldn’t recommend it per se…very cool prof and class he’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic…”
Optional texts: Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) 7.0 Studio Techniques, Basic Photographic Materials and Processes, Photography: Revised Edition, A Short Course in Photography, Photoshop CS2 Bible, Photography, Perception and Imaging

Economics 24, Reading Freakonomics
Paul Ruud, M 5-6, 111 Kroeber
“Ruud is rude. He’s very unhelpful during office hours. However, he grades really nicely…awesome cool professor. he’s real…lectures are worth every minute. has a genuine interest in maximizing student understanding. helps students ask better, more intellident questions during lecture, as opposed to “i don’t get it” type questions.”
Texts: No book is listed, but judging from the title…I’m guessing you need this one.

Linguistics 24: Language and Politics in Southern Africa
Sam Mchombo, Th 10-11, 123 Dwinelle (easy-going guy!)
“He hands out readings (works that he wrote) however we never even discussed them. Each class was just sort of open to anything. Just one essay at the end..It was just a seminar, but I was struck by how disorganized it was… I’m not sure if his other classes are more organized…There’s a reason Professor Mchombo gets nothing but rave reviews from his students: He’s the very definition of a great guy and he’s very knowledgeable. You won’t find a nicer friendlier professor (or person) on campus. Fun class, learned a lot, wanna take it again. Mchombo for President!”
Texts: None reported.

Natural Resources 24, Global House Environment Theme
Peter Berck & James Bartolome, Th 5-6 in Foothill Classroom A
Berck: “He is a very funny guy, however his lectures are kinda boring and hard to understand… Professor Berck is a wonderful professor, but his lectures can be very difficult to understand…Very funny, kind, sharp guy. Immensely experienced and knowledgeable. Sometimes doesn’t communicate well with students in terms of understanding what their problems are, what they aren’t getting.”
Bartolome: “JB is a hottie…Impossible to follow, plus you can’t read his handwriting.”
Texts: none reported

Nutritional Sciences 24, Papers with the Prof
George Chang, Tu 11-12, Unit 2 Towle Residence Hall L3 Seminar Room
“Don’t go to lectures – they are boring and pointless…Lectures are pointless, mostly just him going off on some random tangent completely unrelated to the course…Do not go to lectures: they are random and completely irrelevant to the test material. Guest lecturers were interesting and informative…his lecturing skills are poor and he’s definitely a weirdo, but he means well and is a nice guy”
Texts: None reported

Physics 24, From Mythbusters to Science Fiction
Robert Jacobsen, W 11-12, 395 LeConte
“Actually teaches the physics of situations, not the math. Lectures always interesting… Lectures are for the most part useless except for that they give you the general headlines of what you should know. In reality though you have to know much more than what is lectured…amusing guy, likes to go off and talk about things that may or may not be totally related, but are fun to learn. however, i find him to be a very scary guy when facing him one on one.”
Texts: None, but you might think of buying this.

Portuguese 24, Travel Narratives from the Atlantic
Ana Martinho, Tu 11-12, 111 Kroeber
No rating info.
Texts: None listed.

Psychology 24, The Relationship between Body and Behavior
Karen De Valois, W 11-12, 3105 Tolman
No rating info.
Text: Exploring Psychology

Sociology 24, Sociology of Discrimination
Samuel Lucas, W 5-6, Unit 1, Room L20
“He is a very unclear lecturer, he’s from the demog department so he only brings in graphs/tables…has little knowledge of soc theory and doesn’t answer questions well…He’s very enthusiastic and not at all interested in a homogeneous education path for his students. I would recommend his class just for his lectures and his jumping around on tables…An insecure man who should not be teaching what could be such an informative course. How does he still have a job?”
Texts: None listed.

Spanish 24, Barcelona: A Cultural History of a City
Jesús Rodríguez-Velasco, W 12-1, 180 Barrows
“Always came to class with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Very funny. Love the Spanish accent…Knows his stuff and the class is very enjoyable. At times he can seem intimidating but he likes participation….Estaba en su seminar sobre la cinema espanola… buen clase, peliculas interesantes, y es un profesor muy animado y agradable. Tiene mi recomendacion!”
(I’m pretty sure that last recommendation is good.)
Texts: Barcelona

Math Lower Division, Spring 2008

December 14, 2007

For all the students who’ve been waiting, here’s Part I of the many Christmas Break helpings to picking Spring semester classes. I will be updating links on the sidebar after this one, so look right under the ticket ads during Christmas Break.

This is by no means a complete report, but you can use the information given to help you pick and choose your professors. All professor info provided by and Pick-a-Prof. Textbook links are provided at the bottom.

Math 1A, Calculus
Jon Wilkening; MWF 12-1, 2050 VLSB
No Info.

Math 1B, Calculus
Section 1: Vaughn Jones; TuTh 2-330, 4 LeConte
Average GPA for lower-div: 2.72; 30% A-33% B-23% C-11% D-5% F

“He writes very nicely on the chalkboard (a luxury in a math class!) He mumbles a little, but knows the material well, and is clear and organized in lecture. Always gives examples…His credentials are incredible and he knows the stuff very well, but go to your TA when you have any specific questions and you need clarifying. Go to lecture but bring a newspaper; you don’t want to miss anything important and he can be interesting, but three hours a week does get boring….This guy won a Field’s Medal. But from what I remembered, I learned the material from the textbook, not from lecture.”

Section 2: Vera Serganova; MWF 9-10, 155 Dwinelle
Average GPA: 3.38 (for an upper div class)

“She has good intentions and can probably explain it better one on one but shes one of those genius Berkeley professors that are too smart to teach this prereq type of class…She knows what she’s doing and presents it in a clear way, if you can understand her. I stopped going to lecture because I just couldn’t understand them. That and she makes her tests really easy…She is VERY clear and helpful. One of the best math teachers I have ever had… The tests aren’t too difficult and she is just so freakin nice, almost motherly haha.”

Section 3: Maria Ratner; MWF 2-3, 2050 VLSB
Average GPA for Ratner’s Math 1B: 2.27; 22% A-31% B-17% C-10% D-19% F
“Amazingly dedicated teacher. Demanding, but very clear and fair…if you are taking math 1b for nonmath majors don’t take her class. Her midterms are hard but bearable however her final is impossible midterms quizzes homework don’t prepare you at all…hes a tough professor but she really wants to help you out, last semester for about 1st 2 months of class no one went to her office hours and she asked us if we were scared of her, people just sat silent.”