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Freshmen Seminars (Food for Thought), Spring 2008

December 21, 2007

Your professors get to eat with you! I guess this is Berkeley’s idea of a free lunch.

Astronomy 24, Space, Time, and the Cosmos; Alex Filippenko, Th 1-3, 544 Campbell (One of the best teachers in Berkeley, of course)
Texts: A Briefer History of Time, The Fabric of the Cosmos Required, What Your Astronomy Textbook Won’t Tell You Recommended

Classics 24, Indiana Jones…The Archeology of Mythology; Kim Shelton, W 9-10, 202 Wheeler
“Freshman seminar about myths of archeology. She runs sites in Nemea and Mycenae so really interesting to talk about what archeology is really like. Assignments due every week usu writing responses about different readings but able to do them w/o reading. Just talk in class and you’ll be fine”
Text: Archaeology Essentials

Computer Science 39J, The Art and Science of Photography: Drawing With Light
Brian Barsky, Fri 12-2, 405 Soda
“Man was this an awkward class. Barsky himself seems like a pretty righteous dude, and the class had its good moments, but not as many as I had hoped. It wasn’t miserable, but I wouldn’t recommend it per se…very cool prof and class he’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic…”
Optional texts: Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) 7.0 Studio Techniques, Basic Photographic Materials and Processes, Photography: Revised Edition, A Short Course in Photography, Photoshop CS2 Bible, Photography, Perception and Imaging

Economics 24, Reading Freakonomics
Paul Ruud, M 5-6, 111 Kroeber
“Ruud is rude. He’s very unhelpful during office hours. However, he grades really nicely…awesome cool professor. he’s real…lectures are worth every minute. has a genuine interest in maximizing student understanding. helps students ask better, more intellident questions during lecture, as opposed to “i don’t get it” type questions.”
Texts: No book is listed, but judging from the title…I’m guessing you need this one.

Linguistics 24: Language and Politics in Southern Africa
Sam Mchombo, Th 10-11, 123 Dwinelle (easy-going guy!)
“He hands out readings (works that he wrote) however we never even discussed them. Each class was just sort of open to anything. Just one essay at the end..It was just a seminar, but I was struck by how disorganized it was… I’m not sure if his other classes are more organized…There’s a reason Professor Mchombo gets nothing but rave reviews from his students: He’s the very definition of a great guy and he’s very knowledgeable. You won’t find a nicer friendlier professor (or person) on campus. Fun class, learned a lot, wanna take it again. Mchombo for President!”
Texts: None reported.

Natural Resources 24, Global House Environment Theme
Peter Berck & James Bartolome, Th 5-6 in Foothill Classroom A
Berck: “He is a very funny guy, however his lectures are kinda boring and hard to understand… Professor Berck is a wonderful professor, but his lectures can be very difficult to understand…Very funny, kind, sharp guy. Immensely experienced and knowledgeable. Sometimes doesn’t communicate well with students in terms of understanding what their problems are, what they aren’t getting.”
Bartolome: “JB is a hottie…Impossible to follow, plus you can’t read his handwriting.”
Texts: none reported

Nutritional Sciences 24, Papers with the Prof
George Chang, Tu 11-12, Unit 2 Towle Residence Hall L3 Seminar Room
“Don’t go to lectures – they are boring and pointless…Lectures are pointless, mostly just him going off on some random tangent completely unrelated to the course…Do not go to lectures: they are random and completely irrelevant to the test material. Guest lecturers were interesting and informative…his lecturing skills are poor and he’s definitely a weirdo, but he means well and is a nice guy”
Texts: None reported

Physics 24, From Mythbusters to Science Fiction
Robert Jacobsen, W 11-12, 395 LeConte
“Actually teaches the physics of situations, not the math. Lectures always interesting… Lectures are for the most part useless except for that they give you the general headlines of what you should know. In reality though you have to know much more than what is lectured…amusing guy, likes to go off and talk about things that may or may not be totally related, but are fun to learn. however, i find him to be a very scary guy when facing him one on one.”
Texts: None, but you might think of buying this.

Portuguese 24, Travel Narratives from the Atlantic
Ana Martinho, Tu 11-12, 111 Kroeber
No rating info.
Texts: None listed.

Psychology 24, The Relationship between Body and Behavior
Karen De Valois, W 11-12, 3105 Tolman
No rating info.
Text: Exploring Psychology

Sociology 24, Sociology of Discrimination
Samuel Lucas, W 5-6, Unit 1, Room L20
“He is a very unclear lecturer, he’s from the demog department so he only brings in graphs/tables…has little knowledge of soc theory and doesn’t answer questions well…He’s very enthusiastic and not at all interested in a homogeneous education path for his students. I would recommend his class just for his lectures and his jumping around on tables…An insecure man who should not be teaching what could be such an informative course. How does he still have a job?”
Texts: None listed.

Spanish 24, Barcelona: A Cultural History of a City
Jesús Rodríguez-Velasco, W 12-1, 180 Barrows
“Always came to class with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Very funny. Love the Spanish accent…Knows his stuff and the class is very enjoyable. At times he can seem intimidating but he likes participation….Estaba en su seminar sobre la cinema espanola… buen clase, peliculas interesantes, y es un profesor muy animado y agradable. Tiene mi recomendacion!”
(I’m pretty sure that last recommendation is good.)
Texts: Barcelona