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Math Lower Division, Spring 2008

December 14, 2007

For all the students who’ve been waiting, here’s Part I of the many Christmas Break helpings to picking Spring semester classes. I will be updating links on the sidebar after this one, so look right under the ticket ads during Christmas Break.

This is by no means a complete report, but you can use the information given to help you pick and choose your professors. All professor info provided by and Pick-a-Prof. Textbook links are provided at the bottom.

Math 1A, Calculus
Jon Wilkening; MWF 12-1, 2050 VLSB
No Info.

Math 1B, Calculus
Section 1: Vaughn Jones; TuTh 2-330, 4 LeConte
Average GPA for lower-div: 2.72; 30% A-33% B-23% C-11% D-5% F

“He writes very nicely on the chalkboard (a luxury in a math class!) He mumbles a little, but knows the material well, and is clear and organized in lecture. Always gives examples…His credentials are incredible and he knows the stuff very well, but go to your TA when you have any specific questions and you need clarifying. Go to lecture but bring a newspaper; you don’t want to miss anything important and he can be interesting, but three hours a week does get boring….This guy won a Field’s Medal. But from what I remembered, I learned the material from the textbook, not from lecture.”

Section 2: Vera Serganova; MWF 9-10, 155 Dwinelle
Average GPA: 3.38 (for an upper div class)

“She has good intentions and can probably explain it better one on one but shes one of those genius Berkeley professors that are too smart to teach this prereq type of class…She knows what she’s doing and presents it in a clear way, if you can understand her. I stopped going to lecture because I just couldn’t understand them. That and she makes her tests really easy…She is VERY clear and helpful. One of the best math teachers I have ever had… The tests aren’t too difficult and she is just so freakin nice, almost motherly haha.”

Section 3: Maria Ratner; MWF 2-3, 2050 VLSB
Average GPA for Ratner’s Math 1B: 2.27; 22% A-31% B-17% C-10% D-19% F
“Amazingly dedicated teacher. Demanding, but very clear and fair…if you are taking math 1b for nonmath majors don’t take her class. Her midterms are hard but bearable however her final is impossible midterms quizzes homework don’t prepare you at all…hes a tough professor but she really wants to help you out, last semester for about 1st 2 months of class no one went to her office hours and she asked us if we were scared of her, people just sat silent.”