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Pre-Meds Pre-Reqs, Spring 2008

December 22, 2007

Biology 1A, General Bio Lecture
Mark Schlissel, MWF 8-9, 1 Pimentel
“Just an average lecturer, nice professor though. Don’t like his powerpoint presentations. Lectures can be quite boring sometimes…Exams are difficult though, just looking at his slides won’t cut it – you’ll have to listen to his lectures carefully and really understand the material, as well as know a whole lot to do well on his tricky questions…He is extremely helpful in office hours in answering questions. He is also very clear on emphasizing what is important for the exams…would advise future students to take your own notes for his section though, because his lecture slides are next to useless when you’re studying.”

Texts: Biology, Study Guide for Biology, Investigating Biology Lab Manual

Biology 1AL, General Bio Lab
Michael Meighan, M 5-630, 1 Pimentel
“Truth to be told. I do not recommend taking this class if you are pre-med so AP out of it if you can. However, if you really want to learn something BUT DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE GRADE then by all means take this class…He explains things well and covers an enormous amount of material in a short perid of time. His tests are extremely difficult. GO TO OH and WATCH HIS REVIEW!..Mike, although a generally nice man, prides himself of writing “difficult”, but useless tests. His lectures up to the first midterm were somewhat satisfactory, but were quite poor for the second half of the course…

Texts: Biology, Study Guide for Biology, Investigating Biology Lab Manual

Biology 1B, General Biology
L.J. Feldman, MWF 8-9, 2050 VLSB
“Feldman is a wonderful teacher with a committment to undergraduates. He genuinely cares about students and learning the material. Go talk to him during office hours, and you might actually start to like plants…I LOVE PLANTS. tricky midterm with only 32 questions (miss two answers and you cant get an A), but all very reasonable questions. he is totally accessible and visits all the lab sections…If you go to lectures/watch the webcasts and take notes you can get an A without touching the book. Wants students to understand concepts, so he asks a lot of hypothetical questions on midterms…He writes everything down clearly and you just need to memorize what he writes. Test seems easy but when you get it back you may find that you made a few mistakes.”
Texts: Biology